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About us

More than twenty years of experience from the field of application of laboratory diagnostic technologies resulted in 2014 in establishment of company Simedap Flow.

The focus of interest of Simedap Flow remains the quality of life.

We are interested in communication of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and in the same time we strongly support public awareness of real health risks, their prevention or treatment.

In the field of hereditary cancer diagnostics we collaborate with one of the leading companies dealing in this area, U.S. company Myriad Genetics Inc. Thanks to this cooperation the door for even more flexible application of genetic tests to determine risk of cancer due to hereditary dispositions is opened.

Unprecedented quality of Myriad Genetics´s tests, a rich variety of provided tests and availability of results within 3 weeks are very positive promise for doctors, for all  of us.

Company Simedap Flow operates in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovak.